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Eco Roofing Slate (Box 34 Slates)

Eco Roofing Slate (Box 34 Slates)
Eco Roofing Slate (Box 34 Slates)
Eco Roofing Slate (Box 34 Slates)
Eco Roofing Slate (Box 34 Slates)
Eco Systems have introduced a new 100% recycled roofing slate to the UK market which is set to revolutionise the entire roofing industry.
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Product Brand: Eco Systems
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Eco Systems have introduced a new 100% recycled roofing slate to the UK market which is set to revolutionise the entire roofing industry. Working in conjunction with the direct manufacturer NewTech, we offer a state of the art formulation which provides a strong, pliable and attractive roofing option for your home or building application.100% Recycled self-bonding, roof slate/shingle is available in 2 x colours, Grey and Old World Red, the slate has the unique flexibility to be used for valleys and ridges. There is no need for custom-made accessories because every slate can be cut and set to any angle or size you need.

A unique advantage that distinguishes these slates from any other synthetic slate on the market is that they are self-bonding, this allows them to bond together once installed creating one membrane. The benefit of this process gives you a stronger, more pliable solid membrane that leaves you with a roof that is wind and weather resistant even at low pitches and better insulated.

The installation process is very simple as the slates are fitted straight onto plyboard or oriented strand board (OSB), no roof battens are required, a standard breathable underlay and then nailed down in two places using the relevant size copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails: it’s that easy.

Over a period of time the slate will self-bond together forming a solid membrane on your roof. This process has no specific timescale as it relies on sunlight, and therefore bonds faster during the summer months than the winter months. This process makes the installation much more cost effective as it takes less than half the time to install than traditional slate, all without any damage or breakages and problems associated with real slate.

Slate Details:
The lines are a guide to the lap of each slate.
These are to be used as a guide only.

Above 20 degree pitch = average 17 slates per sqm
15-20 degrees = average19 slates per sqm
10-15 degrees = average 22 slates per sqm

Features & Benefits
-Quicker & easier to install ideal for low pitches as low as 10 degree pitch Self – bonding
-Recycled & recyclable (plastic)
-Class “A’’ fire rated (BS476. Part 3)
-No breakages
-50 year warranty
-No maintenance (no moss will grow)
-No waste
-The Eco Slate is flexible & can be used for ridges, valleys & caps
-Better U Value when used with a system
-Un-breakable, cannot be vandalised, Class 4 impact rating
-Cuts with a knife or snips
-Easy to install with velux windows or solar panels
-The slate is designed to withstand winds of 110mph

BBA Certification
Eco Slate Short Installation Guide
Eco Slate Full Installation Guide
Intertek Roofing Slate Test
Thermal Performance Test

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To request a free sample please use the 'Chat with us' tab in the bottom corner of your screen we will arrange to have a sample sent to you on a next day courier.
Eco Roofing Slate FAQ's
Q: What are the roof slates made of?
A: 100% recycled P.E. Resins with additives, colouring, and UV Inhibitors.
Q: Are the Eco slates lightweight?
A: The Eco Slates are extremely lightweight in comparison with most other options. On average a square metre will weigh less than 12kg.
Q: How are they installed?
A: See our Installation Guide on our Specifications page.
Q: The slates seem very flexible, how do they hold up in strong wind conditions?
A: The slates have been tested in winds up to 110mph and therefore the wind causes no problem.
Q: What type of nail should I use during installation?
A: Relevant size 9.5mm head, copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails are recommended.
Q: Does the colour fade?
A: Over the 50 year warranty expect a variable colour change; however the UV Inhibitors ensure they
are extremely fade resistant.
Q: Do you sell caps and ridge slates?
A: No, the slate is flexible so can be used for all the valley, cap and ridge areas.
Q: Do the slates get brittle in the sun?
A: No, the slates have UV Inhibitors built in them to protect against harmful UV rays.
Q: Do you need to use underlay during installation?
A: Yes, we recommend using a breathable membrane.
Q: Can the slates be cut for angles?
A: Yes, a Stanley knife blade or any other cutting equipment will cut the slate.
Q: How are the slates packaged?
A: The slates are packaged in boxes of 34.
Q: Do the slates need to be stored indoors or outdoors?
A: We recommend indoor storage, as the slates are packaged in cardboard boxes.
Q: Besides the underlay and nails what else do you need?
A: No other materials are needed.
Q: What fire rating do they have?
A: Class ‘A’ fire rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.
Q: Will the slates damage during hail storms?
A: No, the slates have been given a class 4 impact rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.
Q: Will there be any noise problems during heavy rain or hail?
A: No, the slates are solid and not hollow, so the noise is kept at a minimum.
Q: How many slates do you get to a square metre?
A: 17 slates on average per square metre for a pitch of 20 degrees. 7 slates per linear metre for valleys and ridges.
Q: What is the cost of the slates?
A: Please contact our sales office or your nearest local stockist, see our contact page.
Q: What guarantee do the slates have?
A: The slates have a 50-year non-prorated warranty.
Q: How many slates will I need if the pitch of my roof is below 20 degrees?
A: Roof pitches between 15-20 degrees require on average 19 slates per square metre.
Roof pitches between 10-15 degrees require on average 22 slates per square metre.
Please contact the office if you require further information.
Q: If the pitch of my roof is below 20 degrees and needs flashing, how is the slate fitted?
A: The Eco Slates are very flexible, therefore can be fitted to a vertical, enabling cap flashing to be dressed over it. Ensure flashing lap is sufficient for adequate weatherproofing. For pitches below 20 degrees it is highly recommended to use the Eco Slates for flashing; If not then it is imperative to ensure existing flashing is sealed to the Eco Slates.

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