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What Is Plug-In Solar?

Plug-In Solar is a Do It Yourself (DIY) solar power system, which allows you to generate your own free electricity. Plug-In Solar kits include all you need to start saving money on your electricity bills, without the need for government incentives, such as the Feed-In Tariff.

Why Choose Plug-In Solar Over A Conventional Solar System?

Plug-In Solar has a number of advantages over a conventional Feed-In Tariff solar system:

  •   Low Cost Small Investment

  •   No Labour Costs DIY self installation

  •   Simple DIY Assembly with No Experience Required (All AC wiring)

  •   No EPC Inspections Necessary

  •   No MCS Certification Required

  •   Plug-In Solar is can be expanded at any time, by simply adding another panel

  •   Choose your own location for your Plug-In Solar installation

    How Does Plug-In Solar Work? How Do My Appliances Know To Use The Free Electricity?

    Plug-In Solar uses solar technology to feed free electricity into a mains circuit (such as a house, or garage), which can then be used power appliances. The energy generated by the solar panels is fed directly into the mains electrical grid on the load side of the meter. This means the appliances will use the energy generated by the solar panels first. Any additional energy required by the appliances will be obtained from the National Grid. By reducing your electricity use in this manner, you save money on your bills.

  1. Solar panel generates free electricity

  2. Direct Current (DC) flows to Micro-Inverter

  3. Micro-Inverter converts DC energy to AC energy so it is safe to use in your electrical installation

  4. Plug-In Solar Connection Unit enables the free electricity to be safely fed into in your electrical installation

  5. The free electricity flows around your electrical installation and can be used by appliances

Can I Simply Wire My Plug In Solar Kit Into The Mains Circuit? Is It That Simple?

Yes. Plug-In Solar can simply be wired into the Connection Unit that is provided with the kit. Under Part P building regulations (sections 2.7 and 2.8), the addition of a Fused Switched Connection Unit is classed as non-notifiable work (apart from in Bathrooms), meaning a competent person, who does not have to be a qualified electrician, can undertake it. All work must comply with the latest edition of the IET electrical installation wiring regulations, and if you are unsure please consult a professional*

How Much Money Could I Save with a Plug-In Solar Kit?

As an example, the total savings over a 20-year period on a 1kW (1000W) Plug-in Solar kit could be over £7,687.00. This equates to an average saving of over £384.00 per year over the 20-year period*** The bigger the Plug-In Solar kit, the bigger the saving.

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