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Competitive prices. Excellent Service with prompt delivery. I would recommend IQ to others and will certainly use again.
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Excellent, professional, efficient service from IQ Builders Merchant. Needed to purchase 3000 bricks to finish a new build project, Oliver was great in sourcing the same bricks, at a very good price, had them delivered in a matter of a few days. Happy to use again and to recommend.
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Ordered the STUNNING XL Joinery PreFinished Walnut Portici Door . Very pleased with the service 10/10


A little info about Grids
Ecogrid is a plastic porous paving product, it comes in three different depths and load bearing capacities.
It arrives on-site pre-clipped together in 12 tile or 1.33 square metre 
sections, there are 9 tiles per square metre.
Ecogrid is a permeable paving class leader with by far the best locking system that you would expect from the world leader in its field and a world leader for the past 20 years.
Ecogrid needs no spikes or time consuming clips to assemble and is THE proven product for a multitude of uses. It is also guaranteed for 20 years and has been for all of the 20 years that it has been in production.
Ecogrid is TUV tested for loads of 400/350 and 220 tonnes per square metre, however these tests are carried our empty, giving an accurate test of the load bearing quality of the grid alone. Other grid manufacturers show their load capacities as full grids, if we did this; we would show twice our published capacities at 440/700 and 800 tonnes per square metre!
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