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Heras Mobile believes a safe living and working environment is essential for carefree living. Our temporary fencing solutions make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.

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Heras Anti-Climb Round Top Panel

The Heras Round Top panel is the strongest on the market, with 3 sides formed from a continuous length of tube, eliminating the top corner weld, often the weakest point in traditional panel design.

£42.18 inc. VAT
Heras Anti-Climb Square Top Panels

The Heras Anti-climb Panel is an improved anti-climb version of our very first creation (the Original Heras panel). The panels are available as standard or heavy duty and both benefit from Smartweld technology.

£58.57 inc. VAT
Heras Acoustic Barrier System

The Heras Acoustic Barrier is our latest sound absorbing innovation.

£210.28 inc. VAT
Heras Anti-Tamper Gripper Coupler

This steal coupler is used on sites that would rather a coupler that the public cannot undo and can only be undone by another one of our products, the spanner. 

£3.54 inc. VAT
Heras Anti-Tamper Spanner

This is a product that sites use for all couplers although some can be done by hand. This product is needed for the locking couplers.

£29.59 inc. VAT
Heras Avalon Plastic Barrier

The Avalon is a lightweight plastic barrier made from a high density polythylene mould making it hard wearing and durable.

£41.77 inc. VAT
Heras Fence Standard Strut

The standard Heras strut.

£15.05 inc. VAT
Heras Hi Visibility Footing Yellow

High visibility plastic feet complete the Heras 151 System

£19.12 inc. VAT
Heras Pedestrian Barrier Fixed Leg
£0.00 inc. VAT
Heras Pedestrian Gate Round Top

The pedestrian gate (1.2 metres wide) can be installed in all locations. The enclosed hinge lets the gate turn smoothly. The tube is shorter on one side so that the fence can turn over the block and no wheel is necessary.

£109.03 inc. VAT
Heras Plastic Footing

These are our most common type of foot. Solid and safe.

£12.74 inc. VAT
Heras Standard Coupler

This is our most common coupler we send out. Basic but effective.

£1.55 inc. VAT
Heras Steadfast Strut

The Heras 151 Steadfast System incorporates all the components of the Heras 151 system with the addition of the patented Steadfast Strut.

£19.87 inc. VAT
Heras Stormguard

The Stormguard system has been tested with both mesh and hoarding systems, and can withstand up to 100mph winds with mesh and up to 70mph winds on hoarding.

£29.59 inc. VAT
Heras Vehicular Gate

This gate allows vehicles to enter and leave sites as they need.

£261.96 inc. VAT