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Power Tool Accessories

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Addax Auger Bit Hex Shank
Addax Driver Bit Set 31pc
Addax Flat Wood Bit
Addax Ground Jobber Drill Bit HSS M2
Addax Masonry Drill Bit
Addax SDS Plus Chisel 20 x 250
Addax SDS Plus Point 250mm
Addax SDS Plus Spade 40 x 250
Holesaw Arbor Hex 11mm 14-30mm
Holesaw Arbor Hex 11mm 32-210mm
HSS Blacksmith Drill Bit

Other sizes available upon request

HSS-G Bit Set 1-10mm - M2 19pcs
HSS-G Bit Set 1-13mm - M2 25pcs
Pilot Drill For Holesaw Arbor 105mm
Pilot Drill For Holessaw Arbor 75mm
Variable Pitch Holesaw